Sligo Secrets

A brand New Website, all about Sligo! Magnum Lady aka Val Robus, has just launched new website, Sligo Secrets...

No matter where you are in the world to have probably come across the Magnum Lady or her amazing images of this gorgeous county.

As Val herself says, Magnum Lady Blog is just her “rantings and ramblings”, but that turned into to a tourist blog all about Sligo and this is why she began the website. Val, who has been married to Andy for almost 24 years, has a son and a daughter and a Jack Russell (with his own Facebook page)! Although Val was born in the UK, she has been in Sligo, for 23 years and has never looked back. As she says herself “I love the scenery, we have the best of all worlds in Sligo; beaches, mountains, forests… it’s a stunning place”. Just have a look at some of the Magnum Lady’s amazing photos and you will see exactly how beautiful this county really is.

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