Evelyn McManus, Module Leader and Lecturer BN International

Evelyn's professional career started in Northern Ireland 1979. Having gained experience she travelled to England where she gained more surgical and medical nursing experience before specialising in nursing the older person. She went into full-time nurse education in 1992.

Photo of Evelyn McManus, Lecturer on the BN InternationalProfessional Qualifications: S.E.N.; R.G.N.; R.N.T. BSc; MSc; P.G. Dip Adult Education

Since then Evelyn has held various positions in the University setting: Lecturer, Skills Laboratory Manager, Senior Lecturer, and Programme Director. Since 1998 she has been working in Ireland and for the last 8 years she has had a keen interest in the learning needs of the Registered Nurse. Evelyn has been involved in research projects at local and European level. European work has involved looking at the competencies required by a nurse in order to nurse in other countries. Safety within health care is a major global issue and she lead on a module called Patient Safety in the Health Care Setting on the Bachelor of Nursing (International).