Lisa Winters O’ Donnell, Lecturer BN International; Module Leader Evidence Based Practice 1

Lisa qualified as general nurse in 1995. From then until 1996, she worked as a staff nurse in an intensive care unit in Ireland.

Profile picture of Lisa Winters O'Donnell, Lecturer on the BN InternationalR.G.N;RGM; R.N.T., BSc (Hons) Midwifery; MSc(TCD); Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Health Sciences Education(TCD).

In 1998, Lisa completed a BSc (Hons) Midwifery programme with Thames Valley University in London and practiced as a Midwife with a team midwifery service in Ealing Maternity Unit, Middlesex. In October 2001, she was appointed as an Administrator of Post Graduate Programmes in St. Angela’s College Sligo. In 2002, she transferred to the position of lecturer in the Department of Health and Nursing Studies, in St Angela’s College. Her teaching at both undergraduate and at master’s level includes nursing the acutely ill adult, midwifery, research and teaching clinical skills.

Lisa's research projects have included the following:
An exploration of the expectations and needs of the stakeholders (nurses/midwives etc. ) who support students in practice in relation to the nurse lecturers role in practice; European project that examined Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility; The experience of Indian Nurses’studying in Ireland; a personal, cultural & educational journey