Dr. Edel McSharry, Lecturer BN International; Module Leader - International Nursing Practice

Lecturer in Nursing, Health Science and Disabilities. Modules on BN International; International Professional Practice; Empowerment

photo of edel McSharry, Lecturer in the Bachelor of Nursing International at CLLR.G.N., R.N.T., BNSc Hons (TCD); MScN Education(UCD);Doctorate in Education Dip Management and industrial relations, (NCIR); Critical care courses (USA).

Edel's teaching interests include nursing studies, clinical skills, simulated learning promoting problem solving and intercultural communication. Her main research interest is teaching and learning in clinical practice. Edel's participation in the European project “Transform” that examined the international mobility of nurses has given her access to a network of European colleagues.

Edel's signature strength is perseverance and compassion combined with integrity and vision. As a leader, she motivates people through being an attentive listener, a clear analytical thinker and an excellent communicator. She is motivated by a strong sense of social justice to pursue issues that need to be addressed for the good of the nursing profession and patients.