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Terms & Conditions
Students are required to pay a booking fee of €40 to secure a place on the course
Students who do not attend the College at all and have paid fees will be refunded (an administrative charge of €40 applies)
Students who attend the College but leave within the first month of the course starting are refunded 50% of course fees
Students who attend the College but leave after the first month of the course starting will not be refunded
Fees can be paid in full or in instalments. Each course/programme offers various instalment options and students will be made aware of these in advance of the course start date.
In the event of a student not paying instalment on due date he/she must contact the CLL office to discuss
For programme that are more than one year duration – students must have fees paid in full before progression is allowed to year 2 or subsequent years of the programme
All fees for entire course/programme must be paid in full before final results are available and award offered at graduation.