Student Testimonials

Diploma in Arts (Folklore and Heriatge of the North West)

"I am really enjoying my first year as a student on the Diploma Course “Folklore and Heritage of the North West”. Our lecturer and staff at St. Angela’s are very approachable and most helpful. The subject matter is varied which makes for interesting discussions. The guest speakers have been inspirational. I am looking forward to the remainder of the course." Francis McCabe Participant – Diploma in Arts (Folklore & Heritage of the North West)

"I decided to enrol in this course as I have always had an interest in local history. I didn’t envisage the amount we would cover in a few short weeks and the hunger I would develop to uncover more. The course is extremely interesting and, in Module 1, we have covered the Development of History in Ireland; History of maps, surveys, placenames and photography in Ireland; Architecture 1800- present and Vernacular Architecture. Lectures have been informative and enjoyable. I had no idea the amount of history sitting on our doorstep. It is great that a course like this has been established giving the ordinary person a chance to unearth the secrets of their locality." Simone Hickey Participant -Diploma in Arts (Folklore & Heritage of the North West)

Postgraduate Programme in Leadership and Management for the Community and Public Sector.

“This Programme is really well organised, I am very impressed with the attention to detail in the preparation of the course. I am really happy with the assessment methods, which allows the application of learning to work situations.” 1st year student from the community/voluntary sector

“The information and knowledge gained throughout the module is very relevant and has enhanced my learning and ability to carry out my role as a manager.”
1st year student from the public sector

“The tutors and programme coordinator are very helpful, approachable and friendly. The weekend sessions are delivered at a very high level, giving an excellent overview and synthesis of current theory in the various areas and its application to the sector. There is a genuine interest in the learning that students were gaining from the course and always made clear that she was available to guide students as needed. The support from fellow students is also invaluable to the overall learning experience.” 
1st year student from the community/voluntary sector

“I found that this programme has increased my level of knowledge relevant to my work and has also given me a degree of self-confidence in my work and in my own capacity as a manager. The course overall was extremely well organised and managed, making it a pleasure to be a part of.” 1st year student from the community/voluntary sector

Advanced Clinical Skills

"This was a great module and built up my confidence in skills and assessment. The availability of the module on Saturdays and well-paced out was a huge plus for me. All the lecturers were open, friendly, informative and flexible and group sessions really helped me to understand and learn. I would highly recommend this module"
Irene Drury (2012)

Patient Safety in the Healthcare Setting

"The mix of media in this module was excellent. Lecturers combined reading material, YouTube videos and real life scenarios – captured my interest and was all current and relevant. It was great to have class debate and discussion. This was well organised, interesting and informative module and everyone involved was very helpful"
Tonia Doyle (2012)