How do I contact the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL)?

You can telephone the Centre at 071 9135625 to speak to the administrator or email us your enquiry at Alternatively, use the on-line contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible 

Where is the College located?

You can find location and direction to the college by clicking here. 

How do I find the room where my class is taking place?

We have the College campus buildings and classrooms available by clicking here  

How can I find out more about any of the courses on offer?

Look through our website, call for information at 071- 9143580 or come along and visit us 

What qualifications do I need?

For some programmes you don’t require any qualifications, just the motivation to learn. For others you may require specific qualifications. Details on what is required is available each programme/module/course/ webpage. 

How many hours a week do I have to come in for?

This depends on the course and the duration. Full details on attendance times are available on the each course/module webpage. Typically attendance for academic courses is as follows:
• Stand-alone modules takes place over 5 Saturdays
• Diploma programmes over 15 Saturdays in the academic year (October – May)
• Masters programmes over 9 weekends over the academic year (Friday evening & Saturday: October - May)
• Continuing Professional Development courses: typically 4 hours duration 

What programmes does the Centre for Lifelong Learning offer?

The CLL offers a wide range of short professional development courses and academic modules and programmes whatever your interests or educational background.

Leadership and Management

Folklore, Heritage & Historical Studies

English Language
International Studies 

When do courses / modules start?

Start dates are clearly stated on each webpage offering programmes. If you require more information please call us at 071 9142580 

It is a long time since I studied and I am worried about my writing and study skills: will I get help?

Yes – the CLL offers the short module: Academic Writing & Learning Skills  

What is the closing date for application?

There is a different closing date for each course/module. This is stated on the course webpage or contact the CLL for more information 

What are the fees for courses/modules?

This depends on the course or module. Full details on fees and payment through instalment are available on each course/module page. If you require more information or would like to discuss payment options please contact the Centre. 

How do I pay for fees?

You can pay the application fee and course/module fees on-line through secure pay-pal. Each course page on the website offer details about payment options and how to pay. Alternatively you can send a cheque or postal order made payable to St. Angela’s College, with your name and course printed on the reverse 

What kind of education and experience do lecturing staff have?

All our lecturers hold Masters or Doctoral/PhD degrees and have substantial experience in the fields they teach 

What happens if I have a technical problem?

Our ICT team are happy to help with any problems you may have. You can contact them with your problem through the student website

Does the CLL offer English courses for non-native speakers?

Yes we have an English Language School at the CLL which offers a range of courses to suit your requirements. Browse the school to learn what we offer  

Do I have access to a library?

Yes- we have the McKeown library on campus. Click here to bring you to the library homepage with all information about what is on offer.
Registered students of St. Angela’s also have access to the James Hardiman Library located at NUI, Galway. Full details about both libraries are available on the college website 

What student services are available?

We offer a host of services to students and full details can be found on the College website  

I have a physical / learning disability – what can the College offer me?

The college makes every effort to support students with a physical disability or special needs. Details are available on our College website and feel free to contact us to discuss at 071 9143580 or  

Is it possible to rent facilities at the college including skills laboratories?

Yes – you can rent the clinical skills laboratory to hold your own training sessions. Please contact the CLL for full details on cost and availability at 071 9143580 or