Master of Health Sciences (International Healthcare Management)

Category: International Courses, Healthcare, Masters Programmes
Duration: One calendar year (full-time)
Level: 9
Credit: 90 ECTS
Start Date: 9th September 2019 (deadline for applications 31 May 2019)
Qualification Required: Degree in Nursing or Health Sciences/Studies related degree
Qualification Attained: Masters

This exciting new full time Masters programme has been developed as a response to an identified need in the international nursing market for a post-graduate programme which focuses on health care management.  The purpose of the Master of Health Sciences (International Healthcare Management) is to prepare nurses to assume the role of manager/leaders in various health care settings globally.

As there is a continued emphasis on corporate governance, fiscal sustainability and leadership accountability, employment opportunities and board positions within this sector will be in demand.  Graduates with this knowledge base and skill set will be set to take up these responsibilities and apply this knowledge for the public good.


Module/Subject Titles include:

The MHSc comprises of 7 modules. The modular programme will be delivered over a calendar year and be worth 90 ECTS


1. Principles and Practice of Management (10 ECTS)

2. Strategic Management and Leadership (10 ECTS)

3. Information, Measurement, and Evaluation (10 ECTS)

4. Quality Healthcare Management (10 ECTS) 

5. Ethical Practice in Healthcare Management (10 ECTS)

6. Managing Finance in Healthcare Organisations (10 ECTS)

7. Change Management Project (30 ECTS)


What is the course duration?

One calendar year (full-time). DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION TO 9TH SEPTEMBER 2019 COHORT - 31 MAY 2019

What are the programme entry criteria for International Students?

• A primary degree (min 2:2) in Nursing or any Healthcare related field

• Minimum of two years post registration Nursing / Healthcare related experience

• Evidence of registration in country of residence (if applicable) 

• A score of 6.5 in the IELTS Exam ( for information on IELTS tests) or equivalent English Language score

• Completed application form which includes a personal statement 

• Original academic documentation & experiential records to support application


Selection Criteria

Completed application form; review of academic transcripts; proof of English Language Score and document detailing rationale for undertaking programme and how it will contribute to your practice. 


Degree ECTS weighting: 90 credits.


What are the advantages of completing the MHSc (International Healthcare Management) at St. Angela's College?

Specifically designed and developed innovative modules to ensure you: 

  • Learn to engage in strategic management/leadership planning
  • Engage with global management frameworks, theories & tools
  • Plan meaningful change in an organisational context
  • Engage in proactive healthcare management in differing contexts and cultures
  • St Angela’s College, Sligo has a vibrant nursing and healthcare education community and Sligo is a cost-effective place to live while completing your studies.

How is this achieved?

  • Small groups with academic support 
  • Variety of teaching and learning strategies to facilitate student education & learning
  • Availability of a dedicated International Student Tutor 

When does the programme start?

9th September 2019 (students must be in Ireland week before for orientation). Deadline for submission of applications is 31 MAY 2019

How do I apply?

Please print and complete the Online Form: international-form

OR you can contact:

Dr. Maria Gallo

Director, Centre for Lifelong Learning, St. Angela's College, Sligo

Phone: 00353 719135623


Students applying from Africa should contact St. Angela's official Educational Representative for Africa: LinkPro Consult Integrated Limited, led by Mr Joseph Ogun.

You can visit the Linkpro website at

Skpe ID: daramz.ogun
Mobile / WhatsApp: (+353) 87 7442271


Awarding Body:


National University of Ireland, Galway.

How much does the programme cost?

€10,250.00. Scholarships up to €2,000 available based on academic achievements, English Language Score & professional experience – Final tuition costs of €8,250


This fee is subject to a yearly review. Fees do not include accommodation or living costs. Medical insurance is available from the following website:


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