About the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL)

CLL is a flexible, fun place to learn.

The Centre for Lifelong Learning was set up at St.Angela's College by Dr Niamh Plunkett in 2010.  The Centre has continued to grow and expand, and we are now delighted to be able to provide a diverse range of educational courses, skills training, international programmes and holiday activities.

People come from many different cultures, countries and walks of life to learn at the CLL. Students range in age from early school leavers to senior citizens. Many students come to improve their skills, others to attain an accredited education award, and to progress their award to degree and masters levels.

For adult learners we have created a mix of learning options; evening classes, Saturdays and holiday times.

Our staff are dedicated to doing their best for their students and take great pride and pleasure in their students achievements. In a unique, warm environment, the CLL offers not only challenging educational lectures but also social opportunities through field trips, excursions and holiday activities.

Please take the time to browse through our diverse range of courses and activities on offer - we are sure you will find something to suit your needs.